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Who We Are

As more and more firms move to IT systems to efficiently manage business processes, the need for integrated management systems is skyrocketing. CRM and ERP software are at the heart of driving these processes smoothly. Greytrix, with its decade-old expertise and globally recognized partnership with Sage, provides the best ERP and CRM solutions. It also is the architect and developer of GUMU™ Cloud, a unique cloud integration system that enables smooth integration of the two systems.

It is a framework built on modern technology to integrate two systems in a hassle-free plug and play method. GUMU™ allows users to have a powerful integration tool without having an on-premise server-class separate machine for integration. GUMU™ enables easy integration between Sage ERPs (Sage X3, Sage Intacct, Sage 100, Sage 300), Acumatica, QuickBooks with CRM systems (MS Dynamics 365, Sage CRM and Salesforce), e-commerce (Adobe Commerce - Formerly known as Magento, Shopify), POS (Treez), FTP/SFTP, Blackline, Cloud storage integrations (Pocket HRMS Integration, Customer Portal, Supplier Portal) and Rent Manager Integration, and third-party apps.

What We Do

Modern Cloud and Microservices

GUMU™ is designed using modern cloud architecture and microservices for peak performance of all processes. Parallel execution of processes increases productivity and speed by near real-time synchronization of data. Like in GUMU™ Sage Intacct Integration with Dynamics 365 CRM, essential sales and services data can be viewed on Dynamics 365 CRM. In addition, the process services are independently deployable.

Flexible & Easy to Use

GUMU™ connectors are designed for plug and play with pre-defined mappings. It supports bespoke customizations to fit every business’ integration needs. Customers can easily integrate multiple enterprise applications with each application via GUMU™. Data synchronization can be scheduled and automated to maintain accuracy. It also helps in maintaining data consistency and reliability. 


GUMU™ envisions liberating organizations from complex development and implementation of integrations and providing them with an integration leveraging software as a service for rapid development and deployment of integration solutions.


GUMU™ cloud is customizable and offers the ability to define entity-relationship and field mapping between two enterprise applications, custom processes and validations to tailor the integration and achieve distinctive business requirements.


GUMU™ gives the freedom from investing in a new complex server-class on-premise machine to host integration tool. Instead, GUMU™ cloud is hosted on our secure Azure cloud environment, a strict login access-based environment.

Inventory visibility

When connecting to e-Commerce or POS system, Sage ERP GUMU™ cloud integration provides clear visibility of the Inventory status of Sage ERP in e-Commerce or POS stores for better sales decisions and identifying your super hit products based on the seasonal sales values. It proves to be highly beneficial for e-commerce sites like Magento Integration for Sage X3. You get a comprehensive of the customer journey, stock details, invoice generation and much more.


GUMU™ cloud framework utilizes web-based system API to connect and interact between the source and target application in integration, making GUMU™ CLOUD framework a robust integration platform following all the business rules and validations while integrating data on the cloud.

Plug and play

GUMU™ Sage ERP connectors are easy to plug and play types, in which users have to provide the web-based API connection details of Source and Target application ERP and third-party app, which comes with a comprehensive out of box field mapping helpful sales process, account management, inventory management, Checkbook integration, Journal entry, Payment creation, Warehouse details.

Popular Connectors

Design and implement the functionality of diverse software systems by quick integrations through GUMU™ cloud connectors. Streamline the front and back office operations for a consolidated view across the organization.

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Popular Apps

Leverage the benefits of Apps available on the GUMU™ cloud to enhance your organizational capabilities. Customize or plug-and-play with the wide range of options like Sage ERP (Intacct, X3, 300, 100), Acumatica, CRM(Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Sage CRM), Adobe Commerce - Formerly known as Magento, Shopify, POS(Treez), FTP/SFTP, Blackline, Cloud storage integrations (Pocket HRMS Integration, Customer Portal, Supplier Portal) and Rent Manager Integration), and third-party apps for seamless app integrations.

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